tltate’s Threads
→A Song For Joyce
· I wrote this song in 1983 when I was in…
Audio Review12-06-2016 · 07:23 PM
→Sing Hallelujah
· My first successful creation using Garage…
Audio Review11-13-2011 · 11:09 PM
→I Wonder
· A song I wrote a few years ago. I was…
Audio Review10-27-2011 · 12:08 AM
→Sandy T.
· My dad bought my first saxophone. He…
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 11:02 PM
→I Pray For Your Mercy
· This song has only one very. I only had a…
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 12:14 AM
→Let Me Love You
· This is a song I put together after my…
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 12:07 AM
→Never Known Love Like Thi
· In 1997 I was on a Navy Ship called the…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 06:30 PM
→I Am Crucified
· I have been learning more about the grace…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 06:01 PM

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