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→And Life Goes On...
· This is one of the most relaxing songs I…
Audio Review12-06-2016 · 07:51 PM
→Sing Hallelujah
· Live the songs with just the vocals on…
Audio Review11-14-2011 · 10:01 AM
→I Wonder
· Well to add a sax solo is always my first…
Audio Review10-29-2011 · 04:54 PM
→Merciful Moments (Alto)
· Yea, that's how we all start. However,…
Audio Review10-20-2011 · 05:16 PM
→Merciful Moments (Alto)
· That's exactly where your bottom lip…
Audio Review10-20-2011 · 04:12 PM
→Merciful Moments (Alto)
· Am I to understand you have only been…
Audio Review10-20-2011 · 01:33 PM
→Let Me Love You
· I was feeling a bit loopy when I wrote it.
Audio Review10-20-2011 · 01:26 PM
→Sandy T.
· No worries and thanks for you comments.…
Audio Review10-20-2011 · 01:25 PM
→Sandy T.
· It's not a song. It's a groove.…
Audio Review10-17-2011 · 08:19 AM
→Sandy T.
· Sorry but there is no sax solo on this one.
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 11:06 PM
→Thief of time
· Man I love your material.
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 10:19 PM
→A dime for funk
· What are you using for drums? Do you play?
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 10:08 PM
→Butthead funk!
· Great tune. You sir are one funky dude!
Audio Review10-13-2011 · 10:04 PM
· Do you play the sax?
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 11:47 PM
· What a great voice you have. Do you give…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 11:40 PM
→Secret Memories
· Cool song. I like the drums. Very…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 11:26 PM
→Little Big Fan
· I love the mix. A very lifting feel to…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:48 PM
→Your Underwear
· I wanna be your underwear!? I love it. I…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:43 PM
→What Happened (new)
· I like it. I think is well written.…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:38 PM
→Bungaku (My FLower)
· You've a very talented family. I wish I…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:34 PM
→Alone Again
· Could use a better mix. Good idea but…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:27 PM
→I Am Crucified
· Is just the way I do it ..I don't…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:15 PM
→Never Known Love Like Thi
· It does take me quite a long time to come…
Audio Review10-12-2011 · 10:12 PM
→Morning song
· This is bad ass! I like your style.
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 06:23 PM
→I Am Crucified
· Thanks for the welcome. I really like…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 06:18 PM
→No Subject…
· I absolutely love the sound of the rock…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 06:14 PM
→So Long (V4)
· Sometimes there are some timing issues.…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 05:59 PM
→Saving Grace
· I really like your voice. I don't know…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 05:53 PM
→Tango Sonata
· I loved your performance. You are…
Audio Review10-11-2011 · 05:46 PM

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